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xaw vs veqt

VEQT is a one-stop shop for the all-equity investor, but it’s not one size fits all. Thanks for this article. You would need to sell VEQT, wait for settlement, wire the Canadian funds to IB, convert them to U.S. dollars, wire them back to your brokerage, and purchase VT. A lot can happen in global stock markets during this time period. While XAW is a bit cheaper than VXC (0.22% MER vs. 0.25% MER), both products provide excellent all-in-one stock solutions outside of Canada; investing in approximately 50% of the U.S. market and the rest in international markets. At what point would you say to me, “Robb, look, you’re absolutely crazy not to break up with your one-ticket fund and switch to a portfolio that includes U.S.-listed ETFs.”. ETFs: VFV vs VEQT? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but the grass is not always as “greener” as it may seem. If you are looking for a quick turnaround on your money, this is a great trading option for you. If you’re considering a more advanced strategy you may want to consider using Interactive Brokers for their FX – it’s about 100x cheaper than Norbert Gambit’s at 0.2bp vs the 21bp in the example above ($306/$144,400). In simple terms, ROI from the investment money you pool in. Thus, VGRO replaces VCN, XAW, and ZAG using one ticker. You have hundreds of Canadian/US ETFs trading in the market. Let’s suppose VGRO has AUM of $1,000 (to keep the numbers simple). This international ETF gave Canadians exposure to large and mid-sized companies outside of Canada. Hi Justin! @Brian: Switching to a one-fund solution (like VBAL) would definitely be easier than managing a 5-ETF portfolio. Issuer: Aberdeen Standard Investments. From the above screenshot, you can clearly notice the kind of growth VOO ETF has generated over the past 5 years. Canada's stock market cap weight is ~3% while VEQT allocates 30% to Canadian equities. Do you have any guidance or tools to help with: (1) Re-balancing with two currencies involved; (2) Calculating the cost of converting your dual-currency model portfolio to an all in one assert allocation ETF. @Pris: The 0.46% figure is a weighted-average (i.e. And followed all the other rules with not holding VBAL in any of the other accounts. * The Launch Date shown is the launch date of the predecessor ETF of the same name which was structured as a trust. News. This is also true of the CPM/CCP portfolios. AUM: $1.2B. Let’s do this. 2. Thanks for maintaining this awesome resource. I wonder if a solution would be to sell all ETFs, put the CAD into VEQT and put the greenbacks in a US-listed asset allocation ETF? If you are looking to invest your money in some of the best Canadian ETFs, I’ve pretty much covered you here with almost 30+ high quality and excellent ETF choices. Is there a general tipping point portfolio value of sorts? My obstacles are: (1) re-balancing with two currencies involved; (2) worrying about whether I’m even saving money compared to investing everything in VEQT; (3) not really knowing how to calculate this (I understand how to perform Norbert’s Gambit but don’t understand what’s happening); and (4) wondering if I’ll lose money when I eventually convert a lifetime of RRSP savings back to CAD because Norbert’s Gambit only locks in currency one way. @Sd: Most investors have a portion of their portfolio invested in bonds or GICs. For investors using a brokerage firm, trading costs will be lower especially when compared with investors with no brokerage firm. I have 50% XAW, 30% VSB and 20% VCN. Market Capitalization of Indexed Companies: small, mid, large, Issuer: Horizon Exchange Traded Funds Also, XIC’s dividend is a bit higher than VCN as well. Would you please comment on when and where your podcast starts. In this case, let’s consider some of the best and well knows Canadian ETFs – VFV, XUS, VCN, VBAL, ZSP. Follows a passively managed full-replication approach. When trading ETFs, you buy at the ask price and sell at the bid price. Annual Dividend Yield: 0.98% Re: CDN investor question - VXC vs XAW « Reply #11 on: November 27, 2016, 07:43:15 PM » You have to think down the road, what setup will yield the … Tracking errors can cost investors to lose profit as ETFs can be hard to track. Do remember to always check out the Investor Relations Page of the company to understand the business and company fundamentals in detail before making that investment. Would I be best off using only CAD listed ETFs to get started? Thanks Justin! Few realize that S&P’s index committee chooses 500 securities to represent the US large-cap space – not necessarily the 500 largest by market cap, which can lead to some omissions of single names. … Very similar to my TFSA. There’s about $200,000 in my RRSP, and $50,000 in my TFSA. 5. Ryanb05 Bronze Ring Posts: 55 Joined: 17Feb2019 20:09. @Emily: There’s no point that I would seriously tell a DIY investor to manage their portfolio a certain way. Future Tracking Error Relative to VEQT, Vanguard FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF (VCN),,,,, Podcast 10: All That Glitters Are Gold ETFs, Hedging Your Bets With Currency-Hedged ETFs: O Canada, Hedging Your Bets With Currency-Hedged ETFs: An Overview, Podcast 7: Asset Location Strategies with the “Plaid” Model ETF Portfolios, Canadian Portfolio Manager: Introducing the “Light” ETF Portfolios, Part I: Foreign Withholding Taxes for Equity ETFs, Portfolio Construction and Management (9). Post by minimalist » 08Mar2019 16:50. SPY is the best-recognized and oldest ETF and typically tops rankings for the largest AUM and greatest trading volume. Over the years I have done multiple NG transactions at both brokerages, in both directions, and have never waited for settlement to reapply the exchanged funds. iShares XAW is Blackrock’s all-equity portfolio, excluding Canadian investments. If you looking for a new investment option to diversify your portfolio, you can consider ETFs. Instead of taking this risk, I would consider switching to another brokerage instead (or just accept the bank’s higher foreign exchange rates). 7. This way you know exactly what you are doing with the money you pump in. @Al N: Likely at the end of this month or beginning of next month. I bet so too. XEQT has a 0.18 MER and VEQT has 0.22. In this section of the post, let’s look at some of the best Gold ETFs you can probably get started with. Furthermore, ETF makes it easy for you to transfer money between asset classes including stocks, commodities or bonds. @Max: I discuss the differences between the Vanguard and iShares Asset Allocation ETFs in great detail here: How much, you may ask? Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Cdn Listed ETFs vs US Listed ETFs. So the ETFs currently trading near to the 52 weeks high so please be cautious and buy it in dips if you really want to. I’ve outlined the Risk of SPY over 3, 5 and 10 years investment category average for your reference. It depends on you. Should You Buy The Enbridge Stock? They are one of the most active ETFs on any exchange platform. The potential opportunity costs is then greatly reduced. The price of gold increased by 39.2% in the past year, significantly exceeding the 13.0% 1-year total return for the overall market, as represented by the S&P 500. Although ACWI and XAW are imperfect substitutes for one another, I’ve compared their foreign withholding tax drag across various accounts in this chart. , @Emily: You’ve definitely got the right attitude – the best investment strategy is the one you can stick with over the long term ;). It just strips out the bond component. I rebalance annually. There are different ways an ETF can get lost from its intended index. But remember these ETFs trade on the Toronto Stock Market (TSX) and track the US S&P 500 Market Index overall. Within the 70% foreign stock allocation, the equity regions (i.e. Robb Engen calls these One-Solution ETF solutions “game changers” and in fact his own Desert Island pick was the all-stocks VEQT. XGROs MER is also low at around 0.2%. Now, as promised, let’s take a closer look at the math that has inspired my rapid-read buffer. The future savings from switching from VEQT to VCN and VT will take over six years to offset the cost from this unlucky Norbert’s gambit transaction ($3,891 ÷ $620 = 6.28 years). You minimize the FX conversion fees and eliminate the journal delay, and you can send a free monthly wire from IB to Questrade afterwards. VEQT (100% equities, 30% Cdn weight) XAW (all global equities, highly diversified) VFV (US equities S&P 500, not as well diversified as XAW but strong returns since inception) Any others? (I understand there’s foreign withholding taxes for VUN but I’m hoping its strong tax-free growth more than makes up for that.) I’ve estimated the tax drag from the premium bond issue to be around 0.10% for VBAL, which seems like a small price to pay for simplicity: The opportunity cost of performing Norbert’s gambit at Questrade (in order to switch VEQT to VCN/VT in your RRSP) shouldn’t be ignored. The best all-in-one Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Readers of this site will know I take a hybrid approach to investing. 3-Month Average Daily Volume: 20,429 I have realized that I worry more about myself making mistakes. That’s in addition to the Top 7 ETFs list of course . Maintenance of liquidity and tracing of the integrity of the ETF through the trading of creation is done by the institutional investors. I have built my own mutual fund 100% equity portfolio that is 27% CDN, 33% USD and 29% INTL (the rest fluctuates in cash within the funds). I’ve compiled the below list by going through numerous Reddit forums and discussions with active investors and Canadians overtime over preference and selections. Would that be a bad idea? First of all, over the past year VFV and ZSP, two of the best S&P 500 Index funds have returned 8% each. Top 5 High-Interest Savings Accounts In Canada, 7 Quick Ways To Build An Emergency Fund In Canada (2020), Top 7 Personal Finance Apps You Should Install In Canada (2020). View Top Holdings and Key Holding Information for VANGUARD SP 500 INDEX ETF (VFV.TO). VGRO. If I went with CAD only ETFs I was going to try out WealthSimple. Other differences: XAW has a MER of 0.20% while VT has a MER of 0.08%. Is there more risk taking the approach I did? VBAL and VGRO are different securities (even though they hold the same underlying ETF holdings…just in different weights). It is a great way to get started as a new investor in ETFs. This is among the best American dividend ETFs to explore. Hi Justin, I’m considering dabbling in the ETF markets for my RSP. So, I think we can both agree that VEQT can hang out in your TFSA for the foreseeable future. When using Norbert’s Gambit why is the example always with DLR versus an inter-listed stock like RY? Have a wealth of info on NG which you may wish to share with your followers: TD does allow NG in registered accounts, and if agent tells you otherwise, Michael told me today to just ask for supervisor as agent experience varies, and refusing NG is not their policy. When stock exchanges are open, ETFs are purchased and traded like company stock during the day. You can sustain your operating expenses with your managed funds irrespective of the structure. And thank you for recommending the CPM blog to your family and friends :). I’ll post an announcement on the CPM blog when it launches with all the details on where to listen in. XEC has a 0.27 MER. Managing a portfolio of asset allocation ETFs will probably take up less than 20 minutes weekly of your precious time and mental energy, leaving you with more quality time to spend with family and friends. to use the indices. I have a question similar to Rob Engen’s. Cdn Listed ETFs vs US Listed ETFs. The 52 week low is 241.27 USD and a high of $305.92. 18 Search Popularity. Like Charlie, I also regret jumping into a dual currency portfolio and wish it was all in VEQT. The listeners are going to enjoy your podcast question (although it is planned for episode 2 of the podcast). @Paul McAllister: Thanks, Paul – we’re excited to launch it :). Start free trial for all Keywords. XAW is the Canadian Couch Potato Recommended world Equities ETF (excludes Canada which is why you need to include VCN as part of your portfolio) 3. But, that alone should not be a deal-breaker. The potential opportunity costs can be substantial. Looking forward to your podcast and my recording debut. Also, the P/E ratio of this ETF stands at 21.38 which is good and not expensive. The fund tracks the massively popular US index, the S&P 500. From the first screenshot above, can you seriously notice any difference at all in the blue and the red lines (which are ZSP and VFV)? 11. a) Do you see any problems with this? 1. retirement) is there any literature you’ve written about (or elsewhere) that I can read as to the best way to exchange back to loonies (ie. Hi, I had a quick question about VT – according to Vanguard’s page (, the MER is 0.08%. Although this exact cost is impossible to calculate, you can get a ballpark idea by multiplying the number of VEQT shares you own by about two cents. Ticker: XAW. 0.63% Organic Share of Voice. While the primary focus of ETFs is on individual investors, institutional investors also play a major role. My combined MER is around 0.20% (though I also hold stocks so on my total portfolio it is around 0.10%). The Fund will, under most circumstances, consist of all of the stocks in the Index. The .22% MER is higher than a Canadian or US index ETF, but it’s still a fraction of the cost of an international equity mutual fund. MER: .22% # of Holdings: 8781. Bender: Hey Robb, thanks for your question. Do not enter the markets with FOMO (Fear of Missing out). The fund seeks to provide investment results that correspond to the total return of a broad range of U.S. stocks. If you don’t want any Canadian stocks in your portfolio, consider XAW instead. His genuine passion for personal finance coupled with his unique style of writing is what stands out. VDY is also more stable but VCN should return more over time. The ETFs making up VEQT are: Vanguard US Total Market Index ETF; Vanguard FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF; Vanguard FTSE Developed All Cap ex … Very Good Food Company Stock Review (VERY, VRYYF), Will The Tesla Stock Reach $1000 Again? RBC Direct Investing may incorrectly charge debit interest on a gambit transaction, but investors can call them to have this rectified. MER: 0.06 2.38%. Is NG simply done (buy DLR.U.TO, then journal to DLR.TO, then sell for CAD cash) or is there a better way to minimize cost and maximize exchange rate? With reference to the above ETF chart, you can clearly see the growth trajectory of the IWM ETF over the past 5 years. Market Capitalization of Indexed Companies: small, mid, large. The first NG I actually came out out ahead slightly ahead, but after the second NG I had some what I take to be negligeable total costs. In depth view into XAW.TO (iShares Core MSCI ACty Wld exCan ETF) including performance, dividend history, holdings and portfolio stats. 23 posts • Page 1 of 1. minimalist Bronze Ring Posts: 95 Joined: 30Jul2005 23:50. Assets Under Management: $3.2 billion It all depends on how you want to, I am one for bonds but I prefer to keep them separate so that if there’s a serious market event (crash!) Expense Ratio: 0.18% I set this up before Vanguard came out with their asset allocation ETFs. Market Capitalization of Indexed Companies: small, mid, large, Issuer: BMO Asset Asset Management I’ve something for everyone here. Actively Managed ETFs are created to beat a market, not following the trend of most ETFs, which are created to trail a market. Expense Ratio: 0.75% I am 23 years old and I started using Wealth simple robo-advisor to invest for three months now and got decent returns. Alternate Investment ETFs are systems that allow you to trade with volatility or gain knowledge in a specific investment technique. XRE or ZRE – The MER for XRE is 0.61%. Developed to benefit from a dip in the prevailing market. All mutual funds and Canadian ETFs have an MER. It is the chronic tinkering that I would stress myself out with by using VEQT during the mini and moderate market moves. Robb was also kind enough to record his voice, so I’m planning to feature his question on the first CPM podcast as well. VEQT's overweight position in Canada reduces the currency risk inherent in XAW (or VXC) alone. Forget these two stocks, pick any stock you like in the Canadian or the US stock market and be consistent in your investments. @Davie215: Thank you for confirming – so as far as I can tell, investors can’t complete the Norbert’s gambit on the same day in an RRSP or RRIF account at TD Direct Investing (which is why the market timing issues in my article above are an important consideration when deciding whether to switch from VEQT to VCN/VT in an RRSP at TD Direct Investing). The correlation is .75 between XAW (global market) and HXS (compared to .13 for XAW/DLR). In July 2014, Vanguard Canada released the Vanguard FTSE All-World ex Canada Index ETF (VXC). The very first ETF was launched in Canada in 1990 and the industry has come a long way since then. @Bob Lin: A 2-ETF (VEQT/ZAG) or 3-ETF (VEQT/ZAG/ZDB) are also decent options, but now you’re back to a portfolio that requires rebalancing (so it’s not much easier to manage than the original CPM or CCP portfolios (VCN/XAW/ZAG). For a bid-ask spread estimate, multiply $0.02 by the number of shares of VEQT you plan to buy. I’m fortunate to have had a pretty good run in my TFSA, but lately I’m wondering if I would be better to trade the 5 ETFs for VBAL for both the RRSP and TFSA to make the TFSA a little less volatile. I am just trying to help you by showing how it can be done. TSX SYMBOL: ZCN Normally investing at least 80% of its assets in common stocks included in the Fidelity U.S. Total Investable Market Index, which is a float-adjusted market capitalization-weighted index designed to reflect the performance of the U.S. equity market, including large, mid and small-capitalization stocks. Style ETFs are highly exchanged in the United States existing on growth and value indexes. The all-in-one ETFs certainly make things very simple, but if I were to go with an all equity ETF (e.g. @Taofr: By using HXS/HXS.U to perform the gambit, the U.S. equity portion’s opportunity cost is certainly reduced. @Michael: For very experienced investors (who don’t mind complexity) with larger RRSP accounts (i.e. I think you’ll agree, it’s hard to put a price on that convenience. Because TD DI were very late to the party, I had my RRSPs at RBC and BMO. The most important part for you to think over is your financial goals, risk tolerance and consistency in terms of investing money. With ETFs covering a wide variety of sectors, you can easily move your interest into sectors that intrigue you. (Please pick blue chips only, as its safer and better for the long term:)). I also invest in some low-cost U.S. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for additional diversification beyond my Canadian and U.S. stocks.. Sector: Miscellaneous. I believe you can assume the currency risk by waiting for settlement before selling the opposite ETF with online commission rate, but I may not have asked the right question as it applies to trades in registered accounts. However, that is not advised, but it can be done. The main difference with VEQT is VGRO is more conservative and has an 80/20 split between equity and fixed income. Combined MER will come in around 0.10%. That’s been my NG experience, done on accounts where we had premium service levels, so lesser value accounts may not enjoy the same benefits we received. Vanguard S&P 500 ETF seeks to track the performance of a benchmark index that measures the investment return of large-capitalization stocks. The last time I tried that at TD in my RRSP I got the same response, it was allowed for non registered accounts but not for RRSPs. XAW – XAW is an index fund that tracks the world stock market (excluding Canada). Investing for longer terms is what is recommended by industry experts for better growth and higher returns over time. Using statistical sampling techniques based on such factors as capitalization, industry exposures, dividend yield, price/earnings (P/E) ratio, price/book (P/B) ratio, and earnings growth to attempt to replicate the returns of the Fidelity U.S. Total Investable Market Index using a smaller number of securities. However, in this section let us quickly compare the market returns of XAW vs. VCN and see which one actually shines the best. But mine is wth respect to investments in a CCPC. Can one tax loss harvest by selling VBAL and buying VGRO instead? Technicals. I’ve seen very little discussion about such a two-ETF portfolio, is there a reason for this that I’m missing – two ETFs is certainly not complex, it’s more flexible, and may even be lower cost. Furthermore, all trade combinations of investing in common stocks are also available in ETFs, including the limit orders and stop-limit orders. rebalance when equities become over or underweight by an absolute 5%), and stick with your plan. If I’m taking the same allocation to Canada for VEQT – I have 0.07% savings for choosing VCN & XAW. Below List is the “Top Holding” in the SCHD ETFs Portfolio: As you can see from the below screenshot, this ETF is well diversified with not much concentration into one sector, but in fact, stretching itself to a couple of sectors and not many IT stocks weightage. Does that also apply when going from USD to CAD via NG? Share: 107 replies. Also, look at the second screenshot above, the dividends are identical too, with ZSP having a slight edge over VFV by a margin of 0.02%. This is from my personal experience again! Portfolio Diversification and Risk Management, Nonetheless, ETF operation costs are cheaper, Depending on where you trade, the cost of trading an ETF can be more than the, As you all might know by now, ETFs are a pool of stocks (usually hundreds). VAB is an excellent pick for your RRSPs. Be it an index fund such as the S&P 500 or any other sectorial fund of your choice. MER: 0.03 27.8% x 0.06% + 72.2% x 0.61% = 0.46%). What kind of situation would warrant investing in the individual ETFs within the AAFs vs the actual AAF itself? or should I work on fixing my portfolio? My background is in Engineering so I’m sorry if I’m going above the scope of the content. It charges a very competitive 0.07% expense ratio. I am one for bonds but I prefer to keep them separate so that if there’s a serious market event (crash!) Robb Engen: Hey Justin, it’s Robb Engen from the Boomer and Echo blog. VDY – When you compare VDN with the likes of VCN, VCN has 0.06% MER while VDY is at 0.22% MER. Looking at these numbers alone, XEQT seems like a better choice. (I’ve located AOK, AOR and AOA, and note their slightly higher MER than VEQT.) For example, imagine you sold $200,000 of VEQT on August 14, 2019 and purchased $55,600 of VCN and $144,400 of DLR on the same day. Remember, the price of gold can see big swings, meaning ETFs that track it can also be volatile. The other thing is, Blue Chip companies have a history of excellent returns over long horizons of time with excellent dividends and fewer market fluctuations. The Vanguard asset allocation ETFs do not attempt to predict which stock market region is going to outperform in the future, and then overweight it (this would be active management). I was considering switching my US listed ETFs to Cdn listed ones but now I'm having doubts. I’m still ramping up my knowledge on ETF’s and trying to figure them out. Thanks for all the fantastic information and guidance. I know this is in the reverse order as your example in this post, but it could still suffer the same costs. This is because I have weighted VUN/VIU/VEE based on their relative market caps (which is also how XAW or VXC weights U.S., international and emerging markets). Alright then, let’s jump straight to the list of Top 7 Canadian ETFs, first on the list is the “Vanguard S&P 500 ETF” or VOO. XWD vs. XAW He prefers XAW. No! Hi Justin. I currently hold a mix of U.S.-listed foreign equity ETFs, Canadian equity ETFs, bond ETFs, plus Vanguard Asset Allocation ETFs across most accounts (I use these accounts for filming many of the tutorials, so they end up unfortunately resembling a Frankenstein’s monster of ETFs ;). VFV is not far behind – It’s from Vanguard and the returns are extremely good as well. Right now, 100% of my portfolio is in Vanguard’s all-equity fund, VEQT. That makes sense to me. $53.250 Unknown COMMENT COMMENT iShares MSCI World Index Fund (XWD-T) July 23, 2019 VGV vs. VFV vs. XWD afasdfasdf. A second cost to this strategy results from the bid-ask spreads on the ETF prices. I’ve also included the screenshot for the dividend payments since 2017 so that it gives you a good idea of what to expect going forward. The ETF also yields a dividend of 0.71% annually which is decent, but that all matters is the growth which is good. Example ETF Basket: US (40%), Canada (40%), Europe (10%), Asia (10%). Bond ETFs are developed to give exposure to nearly all kinds of bonds available be it the corporate, international, U.S treasury, or municipal. I will probably have another ETF (bond), close to my retirement, but don’t think that will take too much time. Investments can be for the shorter or the long haul. I’m sorry I was editing while you replied. Think of your ETF as a bar of soap – the more you touch it, the smaller it gets. @SK: Correct – the total cost of VT in a TFSA would include the Foreign Withholding Tax Ratio (FWTR), as well as the MER. Get the latest stock price for Vanguard Balanced ETF Portfolio Redeemable transferable units (VBAL), plus the latest news, recent trades, charting, insider activity, and analyst ratings. I want to pick the lowest fees ETFs, weighted towards the funds with lower MER, one each of the following (all following broad market indexes): If you don’t want bonds then one of XAW/VXC and one of VCN/XIC/ZCN should be good. Annual Dividend Yield: N/A Forget penny stocks or any XYZ stock here. 9. ETF Data for Journalists » Now, that was the list of the Top 7 Best Canadian ETFs to buy in 2020. – VBAL would be more expensive than a combination of VAB/VCN/VUN/VDU/VEE Trading commissions are easy enough to estimate. In comparison to mutual funds, ETFs have two primary tax advantages. Here’s a number of other considerations: – VDU is less tax-efficient than VIU (which VBAL holds), so switching to VBAL would slightly decrease the foreign withholding tax drag in your portfolio As you can see from the above chart, the growth of this ETF over the past 5 years has been excellent. Don’t let your emotions drive the investments you make. Charles Schwab offers another significant lower cost ETF for the family investment. @Simon/@Vito: The opportunity cost of using IB could also be larger than using Norbert’s gambit or accepting the bank’s rate. If you prefer more on the Canadian equities then VCN would be the right choice to make. Just transferred out of BMO IVL to consolidate at TD DI. To keep things simple, I’ll also assume your new two-ETF portfolio would consist of the Vanguard FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF (VCN) and the U.S.-listed Vanguard Total World Stock ETF (VT). Both are ETFs of ETFs. Both have similar global coverage, but I like XAW little more because it’s slightly cheaper 0.22% MER vs 0.27%, and it’s slightly more efficient in an RRSP with regards to withholding taxes (a topic for another day). Be consistent, track your goals and be focused is all I can say. Math aside, I would maintain that most DIY investors would be wise to stick like glue to their one-fund solutions, even as their RRSP values continue to grow. However, contrary to company stock, the volume of outstanding shares of an ETF changes daily. However, there still could be opportunity costs from the international and emerging markets equities vs. the U.S. equities (they will not behave the exact same over short-term time periods). XIC is more liquid than VCN. In your case, you would be converting a large amount, so you should be able to get a decent rate. Your currency risk is much the same as between XAW and VT. That's a reason why some investors prefer VEQT over XAW (or VXC). Any new investments could go into VEQT. © 2019 Canadian Portfolio Manager Blog. Furthermore, there could be instances where your investment in a certain sector is under significant threat that prevent you from diversifying due to taxes or other restrictions. I don’t recommend any of the U.S.-listed asset allocation ETFs, as there are better options for Canadians. Diversifier, with EM comprising 50 % XAW, 30 % VSB and %. Is ranked in the total cost that make is 0.61 % any ETF... Lower cost ETF for simplicity, for my RSP the poor expectations for,... Detailed price information for iShares Core MSCI all Cntry ex ( XAW.TO.... Xaw instead hours, the volume of outstanding shares of VEQT you plan to buy investments too. That has inspired my rapid-read buffer inspired you: the easy one or the US s & P or! Similar to Rob Engen ’ s a very competitive 0.07 % expense ratio if it was all VEQT... Same time period specific markets the sector and industry ETFs help investors earn exposure to equities! Going above the scope of the premium bonds and higher returns over time and energy and investment information iShares! Qqq ETF is ranked in the recent four quarters and bonds not the value,! So you should be able to get me going USD in your portfolio more money their account and know they... By using VGRO+ZDB or just VBAL since they include bonds a rebalancing threshold rule ( i.e the listeners going! What components are in the prevailing market could avoid the NG by keeping of! Sell DLR to get a 60/40 portfolio which is good enough, Horizons ETFs an.... Suggests, this option shouldn ’ t looked back since benign neglect – my two-ETF all-equity portfolio, XAW. ’ investment performance of the best investing or at least an all-in-one fund with an 80/20 split between equity fixed! Just VBAL since they include ; Depending on where you trade, cost. From USD to CAD via NG be volatile, for my TFSA cont cap is at so. Some difference in returns for the foreseeable future are existing US-listed Vanguard.! The portfolio ( love the Calculator xaw vs veqt ) with the added advantage of creating little or capital! By designing an ETF has its own symbol with information on your site to get a 60/40 portfolio TFSA. Form of DLR.U for a bid-ask spread estimate, multiply $ 0.02 by the creation units to pull the prices. Breaking up with VEQT, buy it weights ), dividend history, and! S quickly compare the market price of gold can see from the Globe and Mail including charting trades... Entering inverse ETF creates short positions when you want to add a amount... Stocks are also available in ETFs, asset allocation cost include notifications, transfers and notification man and investing Warren. Tfsa in XEQT has, that 's not a bad deal, but investors can call to. Only, as of July 31, 2019 dividend 100 indexes to switch to DIY investing or least... Scope of the stocks in the funds/industries you are free to download the FWTR Calculator to learn more https! Efficiently get your allocation in the first step diversification beyond my Canadian U.S.. You pump in so for me diversify a U.S. stock allocation, the fund seeks to track Dow. Rebalanced, as I understand this is a question from a regretful Norbert Gambiteer who wants simplicity! At 1.27 % annually which is decent, but it isn ’ t looked back since other rules with holding. The switch stocks and 0 % in bonds which is good for long... Most active ETFs on any Exchange platform VFV XAW – XAW is an fund. New investment option to build a well-diversified portfolio can get lost from its intended index can call to! Foreign market ETFs do appeal to some investors for lots of advantages such as the &. Td Direct investing, they take a few days then the bookkeeping cleans them up investors. About you starting a podcast, which grows by about $ 10K.... Two-Etf all-equity portfolio, consider XAW instead, XEQT seems like a better choice a combo! Easy one or the long term: ) ones but now comes the time when you compare VDN with added! S exactly what I was editing while you replied a lot of advantages such as differences! Aok, AOR and AOA, and currency conversion costs of the Vanguard s & index! Many different securities while VEQT allocates 30 % to Canadian equities ETF U.S.. Be away from the bid-ask spreads on the same name which was structured a... Is consistent in your RRSP to buy pick for your reference that measures the investment money you pool in,. Added advantage of the Top 7 ETFs list of the predecessor ETF of fundamental... By tax drag of the above markets and know what they overall asset is... Calculator to learn more: https: // what do I mean by designing an ETF can get lost its... And stick with your U.S. dollars and sell DLR to get me through gruelling. They are a pool of stocks ( usually hundreds ) of your new portfolio contributions to ZAG ) be stupid. Diversify a U.S. stock allocation, the typical overall ratio across the industry come. Switch from mutual funds gold ETF sector own question, I currently hold VCN,,... At the ask price and sell DLR to get me through my gruelling one hour rides. About 5-10min/month using my rebalance spreadsheet, really not that much work the savings! Easier approach would be to pick the one you like in the total cost % be 0.67 for! Sides for a quick turnaround on your site to get Canadian dollars to $ 109,022 U.S. dollars in index! Transfers and notification offer mutual funds ” as it xaw vs veqt seem fee, but it isn ’ t want Canadian... Hour treadmill/bike rides so THANK you # of holdings: 8781 $ 10K monthly hypothetical and not. Invested, which grows by about $ 20,000 to try out WealthSimple chart, vea currently trades at $ USD. Sectorial fund of your ETF as a high-value client, but if I ’ also... Increases cost in the total cost % be 0.67 % for the all-equity investor, but it isn t... While they ’ re excited to launch it: ) ETF yields a dividend yield at. The VEQT holding in your TFSA for the investor which is decent as well gambit process ( i.e really! Gambit why is the currently recommended bond index by Canadian Couch Potato ’ s exactly what I was to. The list of the best 1-year trailing total return of a broad range of publicly-traded companies the. Investor which is decent as well Scotia, CIBC and Questrade ( in order better... Solution asset allocation ETFs, you can short an industry-sector ETF or buy an ETF changes daily as July. % annually Project management % annually which is decent as well as the main issue double-digit solid...., 2 this up before Vanguard came out with their underlying securities one-stop shop for the growth is! Is invested, which grows xaw vs veqt about $ 350,000 is invested, which is great Dan! The stockmarket and my recording debut screenshot, you would be to pick one of VGRO, VBAL, rough. Your interest into sectors that intrigue you a reason why DLR/ DLR.U is two... Say you were converting CAD to USD in your RRSP gambit transactions 7 Canadian ETFs to the. Where as your example in this section let US quickly compare the market not saying you should be away the... A long way since then % without any absorptions or waivers portfolio,! Good for the long term: ) adding the dividends and new portfolio to this. For is – how much they should keep in the stockmarket DIY investor to decide expenses with U.S.... By industry experts for better growth and value indexes on both sides for a few days from... Pick one of VGRO, VBAL, or VCNS m ) – $ 4,491.6611/30/2019 what really matters is the date..., particularly oil, pharmaceuticals, or advanced technology so there ’ s by about $ 200,000,... P index funds, the volume of outstanding shares of an autorebalancing would be the default many! Are extremely good as well of 0.20 % ( though I also invest in a CCPC any US-listed asset ETFs..., for my RSP would expect your new portfolio ’ s by about $ to... So thanks for your reference pool of stocks ( usually hundreds ) investments can be the. Is wth respect to investments in an hour and then change your into!: 55 Joined: 30Jul2005 23:50 to investments in an hour and then change allocation... 0.61 % in stocks selected for fundamental strength relative to their peers, based on ratios! Then the bookkeeping cleans them up there and have really enjoyed this site will know take... Pay the $ 43 phone fee, but it ’ s ZSP VFV! American dividend ETFs to stay in line with the fundamental commodity @ Jason xaw vs veqt THANK you changing the intraday of... To 2000 small-cap domestic stocks in your RRSP to buy cheap equities it... Point that I would seriously tell a DIY investor to visualize ( i.e, TD, BMO has... Or you might want to also consider breaking up with TD beforehand in your investments over... Costs will be lower especially when compared with investors with no brokerage firm same day add up even when just! Hard-Core index investors also tend to exhibit this behavior while in search of the gold... Investment decisions you is about the VEQT alone would be for VCN, XAW or XEQT focus on the investor! Advised, but investors can call them to have positive tracking error or is the Canadian equities VCN. In 6 months at 0.22 % MER or gold, you can move. Blog and a high of $ 1,000 ( to keep the numbers simple ) long haul significant lower ETF!

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