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Terra Materials produces heavy metal stabilization reagents at facilities located though out the United States and are marketed under the brand name, TerraBond®.

TerraBond® Heavy Metal Stabilization Reagents

The TerraBond® family of reagents are tailored to meet the customer’s unique requirements based on the contaminant(s) of concern, waste matrix type, and site specific remediation goals. TerraBond® has been successfully used to meet a variety of regulatory standards established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), including:

We are experienced providers of treatment solutions and committed to solving your leachable metals problem.



Disposal cost of hazardous waste without stabilization can be as much as 60% higher than stabilizing wastes and disposal as a non-hazardous waste.


Regulatory agencies and customers alike are satisfied with the results when our reagents are used and in many cases, have recommended or required our reagents on future projects.


Our transportation services are offered at highly competitive rates with an outstanding history of on-time delivery to project sites.

Product Support

Research and Development

Terra Materials research and development efforts are geared toward assisting customers and regulatory agencies in finding cost effective and innovative ways to treat and manage metal impacted waste materials.


Terra Materials treatability laboratory and personnel are experienced in the field of waste stabilization. This experience affords the customer the opportunity to discuss their specific project with people that “have been there before.” 

Problem Solving

The combination of Terra Materials research and development, treatability capabilities, and manufacturing and distribution channels provides a powerful resource to its customers in solving difficult problems.


Some traditional treatment reagents merely “adjust” the pH to a range where certain metals are insoluble. Terra Materials products are buffered sulfur-based compounds that have proven to be effective in treating a wide range of inorganic metal waste streams. 

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