Terra Materials products are buffered sulfur-based compounds that have proven to be effective in treating a wide range of inorganic metal waste streams. Some traditional treatment reagents merely “adjust” the pH to a range where certain metals are insoluble. If, however, the pH readjusts in the treatment area, or is adjusted during the requisite regulatory testing protocol, this may lead to a false indication of treatment success. Though cognizant of the pH sensitivity of metals, Terra Materials products seek to permanently treat the heavy metals.

Simply, the targeted metals are surrounded and bound by the active ingredients in our products to mineralize the targeted metal ions and treat the waste for the long-term. This important aspect of Terra Materials’ reagents ensures that the heavy-metal laden waste is not only truly treated over the long-term, but also that the required analysis by regulatory agencies are accurate. Therefore our customers may use our products either ex-situ or in-situ for on site remediation / stabilization for a variety of heavy metal contaminated soils or other media and be confident that their treatment regimens are effective over the short and long term.

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