The cost to dispose of heavy metal contaminated wastes at a licensed hazardous waste landfill may be 60% grater than on-site stabilization.

The selection of Terra Materials, which often requires lower dose rates and can be used in combination with the in-situ mixing methods, often provides our customers an overall project cost savings.


TerraBond and the family of custom blended reagents have been used on various projects that have been mandated by local, state and federal agencies. Each of these entities reviewed and approved TerraBond for use as a stabilization reagent. Agencies and customers alike that use our products are satisfied with the results and in many cases, have recommended or required our reagents on future projects.


Delivery to your site can be arranged to accommodate the project needs. Our products can be delivered in any of the following methods:

  • End-dumps
  • Super sacks (1 ton)
  • Bladder Bags (25 ton)
  • Pneumatic Tanker

Terra’s transportation services are provided at highly competitive rates and we pride ourselves on our outstanding history of on-time delivery to project sites.

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